Our Profile
BOGAZICI, being known by its clients as a reliable partner in the maritime sector,
provides the clients high quality custom built boats.
Our main goal is to get customers’ satisfaction for our products and services.

Who we are?History

He is a Metallurgy Engineer and primarily
involved in marine business since 1990, by his large experiences makes an essential
contribution, drives the marketing department of the company and handles all
commercial matters with the customers.

BOARD MEMBER - ŞÜKRÜ FAZIL UZUN. Being a Ship Building & Mechanical Engineer,
he has designed and involved in building more than 20 cargo vessels. By his earlier
new building experiences he coordinates the production, the purchase department and
the shipyard.

BOARD MEMBER - YUSUF KARAHASAN. He is a Marine Engineer and
works in marine industry since 1985, and as the Technical Manager
is primarily responsible for production and all shipbuilding facilities
of the company.