Our History
BOGAZICI, being known by its clients as a reliable partner in the maritime sector,
provides the clients high quality custom built boats.
Our main goal is to get customers’ satisfaction for our products and services.

Who we are?History

BOĞAZİÇİ Denizcilik A.Ş. is a privatly owned company, founded at Istanbul in 1992 where
two continents, Europe and Asia meet.

In the first years, BOGAZICI has got large experiences in sale & purchase of ships,
specialised in the ship trading business and the following years started building
different size of cargo vessels for its clients.

By its long lasting relationships in the world shipping market, the company has improved
its business and became a well known and reliable partner in the world market.

In late 2005, the company has started its new shipbuilding projects by which it is
intended to be specialised in building new, modern, powerfull, customised harbour,
terminal or offshore tug boats, work boats and specific offshore vessels with
conventional, Azimuth Stern Drive, Azimuth Tractor or Voith Schneider
propulsion systems at any size and power by using the latest building

Following to such innovation, as its core business, BOGAZICI mainly
focuses on full satisfaction of its customers by building high quality
performance boats.